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Dear Quilters,

Dear Quilters,
We are very sorry to announce we will not be hosting Adirondack Quilt Camp in Long Lake, NY for 2021. 

While we are very hopeful to see the Covid-19 vaccine rolling out, we just don't have a guarantee that everyone will be safe enough in time to organize and gear up for Adirondack Quilt Camp this year. 
In addition, due to extenuating circumstances, Long Lake Central School will not be available in 2021.  Even if we felt it was safe enough to come back, we simply don't have the space to hold the event. So due to those two reasons we are going to pause Adironack Quilt Camp for ONE MORE YEAR.  

We are sorry we will miss you again for the second year, not what we were hoping for, but out of necessity, that is where we are for now. 

Stay healthy, be well and lets catch up soon! 

While not ideal for any of us, this should give you plenty of time to finish all the projects you've started at Adirondack Quilt Camp since our beginning back in 2010!  

Be well and we will see you in 2022! 
Most Sincerely, 
The Adirondack Quilt Camp Team
Alexandra Roalsvig, Patty Farrell, Shirley Ware, Cindy Black, Tim Helms and Erik Arsenault

Alexandra V. Roalsvig​

!On Pause until 2022

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